Union Catalogue of Biomedical Serials

Database of the journal holdings of major medical libraries in the country has been compiled by IMC serving as an important information tool for locating journals of interest in 188 libraries in India. The database is regularly updated and can be accessed via Internet, from http://uncat.nic.in, by users, free of cost. The data is searchable by Journal Title, State and Library names.

Search by Journal Title:

This option allows search by Journal Title name and this can be limited to any word of the name. Further options are JOURNAL NAME wherein the retrieval can be limited to City name. Journal can also be searched using the JOURNAL PROFILE option which does not allow limiting retrieval to a City name.

Search by Library Name:

This option allows search by Library name, which again can be limited to any word of the library LIBRARY PROFILE option; in LIBRARY option library search can be limited to search for a specific journal name in a particular library.

Search for Journals in a State:

This allows for searching of a journal name and restricting retrieval to one particular or specific STATE.