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Searching  is easy.  Enter search terms in the query box. You may select Simple Form , Minimal Box or Advance Search Form, depending upon the complexity of your query. Minimal Box is available at the top of most of the pages (you do not need to return to the homepage/ INDMed Page to enter a new search) as well as at the INDMed page. The Simple Form and Advance Form are available at the INDMed Page.

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Truncation means finding all terms that begin with a given text string. Place an dollar ($) sign at the end of a term to search for all terms that begin with that word; for instance bacter$ will find all terms that begin with the letters bacter; e.g., bacteria, bacterium, bacteriophage, etc.


When there is more than one word or term in the same line, or from one line to the other, they must be separated by a boolean operator in order to be related one to the other. To type more than one word in the same line, it is necessary to use a boolean operator so as to relate one to the other.

Boolean Operators are AND, OR, and NOT are available.





and hepatitis b and hepatic cirrhosis  retrieves articles about topics hepatitis b and hepatic cirrhosis, obligatorily related.
or hepatitis b  or hepatitis c retrieves articles about topics hepatitis b and/or the topic hepatitis c, not necessarily both topics in the same article.
not arrhythmia/co not myocardial infarct retrieves articles about arrhythmia complications eliminating the articles about myocardial infarct.


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Phrase searching depends how the various fields are indexed, say for example authors are indexed as last name first then space then initials. MeSH keywords are also indexed are phares where applicable. Such fields can be searched as.

hepatitis b
Sharma PK

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To search MeSH terms along with Subheadings use hypen "-". The following subheading have to used along with MeSH keywords:

AA analogs & derivatives 
AB abnormalities
AD administration & dosage 
AE adverse effects
AG agonists
AH anatomy & histology 
AI antagonists & inhibitors 
AN analysis
BI biosynthesis 
BL blood
BS blood supply 
CF cerebrospinal fluid 
CH chemistry
CI  chemically induced 
CL classification
CN congenital
CO complications 
CS chemical synthesis 
CT contraindications 
CY cytology
DE drug effects
DF deficiency
DH diet therapy 
DI diagnosis
DT drug therapy 
DU diagnostic use 
EC economics
ED education
EH ethnology
EM embryology 
EN enzymology 
EP epidemiology 
ET etiology
GD growth & development 
GE genetics
HI history
IM immunology 
IN injuries
IP isolation & purification 
IR innervation
IS instrumentation 
LJ legislation & jurisprudence 
MA manpower
ME metabolism 
MI microbiology 
MO mortality 
MT methods
NU nursing 
OG organization & administration 
PA pathology
PC prevention & control 
PD pharmacology 
PH physiology
PK pharmacokinetics 
PO poisoning 
PP phisiopathology
PS parasitology
PX psychology
PY pathogenicity 
RA radiography
RE radiation effects 
RH rehabilitation
RI radionuclide imaging
RT radiotherapy
SC secundary
SD supply & distribution 
SE secretion
SN statistics & numerical data 
ST standards
SU surgery
TD trends 
TH therapy 
TM transmission 
TO toxicity
TR transplantation 
TU therapeutic use
UL ultrastructure
UR urine
US ultrasonography 
UT utilization
VE veterinary 
VI virology